There has to be something useful in here.

Hey, Trevor here, it’s been a while since my last post so I decided to give you an update.  I have gone back to driving for some extra money, though with Uber this time.  It helps with the cost of living.  In my spare time I have been living in cyberspace, I have to believe that there is some opportunity here for me somewhere. I realize that it will require the learning of new skills but that is a good thing.  I am very grateful that I still have my mind.

I meditate and contemplate everyday.  I believe that this contributes greatly to the level of mental function I still possess. I stay focused on by goals but I am too old to be obsessed about the things I want. I just keep them in my mind.  I am working part time so the immediate threat of poverty has passed for the moment.  I have to find a means to earn an income with my mind.  My body is not holding up well.

I am deeply impressed with the company named Google.  This company and it’s services have truly changed the world. I am thinking of becoming a google partner and perhaps starting my own advertising agency. The more I think about it the more possible it seems. The only thing stopping me is me. It is pretty obvious that a lot of money is changing hands here. I just need a good plan and to master a few skills. I will think on this some more.  Keep checking my site !

Great, I’m broken. How do I fix me?

Writing this blog is becoming more and more enjoyable as time goes by. I have to admit though, I knew nothing about building or managing websites when I began. What got the whole thing started was an e-mail I received.  A man who owns a marketing company contacted me looking for clients and I responded to him. I did it more as a lark than for any real reason but surprisingly we struck up a dialogue and a relationship ensued. In retrospect I suppose I was looking for someone to help me on my path and that is when we find help, when we are looking.  Anyways, I just wanted to give a big kudos to my friend K.C. at Candid Consults. His advice on my website and his overall help and motivation have been invaluable to me.  Thank you my friend. Now, on with my blog.

In my last post I left off with my realizing that I have a victim mentality and how it has been such a limiting factor for my whole life. Acknowledging my situation was the first step. I needed to accept my condition fully. I own this mindset and I am responsible for the way I think and the life I lead. My life as it is today is the result of the decisions I have made over the course of my life. If I want a better situation then I need to start using a different process while making my decisions. Accepting responsibility for my life is the path I willingly take and it all starts with self honesty. I can lie to the world but if I truly want to improve my situation I have to stop lying to myself!

I realize that I continue to state the same concept over and over but my self talk is a critical component to changing my self image. I need to set up a loop inside my head of positive self talk. I believe that if I hear the same thing enough times (my mind needs to accept that the concept is feasible, of  course) my mind will accept it as the truth, and take the appropriate actions based upon that belief. So, my life no longer happens to me; I create the script.

So I am now controlling my self talk, this is how I change my beliefs about reality that are programmed into my unconscious mind.  My unconscious mind, I guess I see this part of my brain like a computer program. Kind of like an auto pilot program for running my life. It’s job is to protect me and keep me safe. It keeps me safe by telling me who I am and what I can or cannot do. It is the part of me that makes the rules for my life. It is very powerful. It uses emotions to enforce its rules over my life. How many times have you known the right thing to do but could not make yourself do it, because of your emotions?

Your conscious mind is the mind space that lets you run potential scenarios within it.  Let’s say that tomorrow you are going to go hunting for a buffalo. (I told you I was old) Your conscious mind is the place where you practice for every scenario that may arise, and your unconscious mind sets the rules for what you think is truly possible. These are the real tools that have let us grow as a species. These two parts of our brain interact to help us influence our reality. It is how we decide what our actions will be.

The question is, how can we impact this process? First we must look at how one mind space influences the other. I mentioned that our unconscious mind controls us through our emotions. We can minimize that control by learning how to manipulate our emotional state. This is a real skill set that takes time and practice to use effectively but meditation and self monitoring are tools that will get you there.

The other part of the equation is how do you impact your unconscious mind? The key is to control your environment. We do become like the people we spend time with, and we do begin to believe what we hear over and over. That is why your environment when you were a young child is so important. That was how the parameters for your self image were originally set. If you don’t become of aware of those parameters and change them (which is very difficult to do) you will be confined by those parameters for you entire life! I believe this to be the only path to true change.

For this change to begin however, you must accept responsibility for the process. Most people will not exercise the self honesty required to start this process, that is because it is painful. It was very painful for me to acknowledge that I have had a victim mentality for most of my life. The only thing that made that acceptance possible was a greater pain. For me, that greater pain was that I am going to die a very poor, very lonely old man if I don’t start controlling my environment. I am responsible for my future!  Come back for more tomorrow.


Why didn’t I succeed?

It is painful for me to look back on my life and see so many missed opportunities.  The worst fact to face is that almost every single day of my life has been an escape from a course of action that would have taken me towards some form of success. I got to the point where I simply quit setting goals towards my own achievement.  Instead I started following someone else’s plan, and their plan never allowed for my success!  What a waste of my one and only life.

So what do you do when you realize that it’s all your fault?  You face the truth, you face it and you own it. More importantly, you acknowledge that you aren’t in the ground just yet and you pull on your big boy boots and you grow.  Self pity becomes no one! Continue reading Why didn’t I succeed?

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi my name is Trevor and this is my blog. Even though I am retired and older I still feel the need and desire for personal growth and improvement.  I write this blog in an attempt to learn new skills in technology, (just getting this blog up and running has been a real adventure for me)and to perhaps share some of my wisdom to younger people. Anyways, us old farts have to do something with our time!

When I was younger I made most of my money driving; mostly airport vans and limousines. I enjoy meeting new people and the work was agreeable to me so I stuck with it for many years. In retrospect I wish I had spent more time and attention on making and investing money.  It is painful to admit that I wasted and ignored many opportunities simply because I had the wrong state of mind.

At this point in my life I try not to categorize things into groups titled either good or bad. A long life has taught me that what I feel is good or bad today is simply that, a feeling. When I have the advantage of looking back ten years on that same event I will probably remember how it made me feel when it happened but I will also see the things that the event led to in history. Most things just are. We add the good or bad connotation depending on our immediate emotion about the event. It has occurred to me on several occasions that most people spend way too much time pondering if their actions make them good or bad, and not nearly enough on if their actions make them efficient and effective. Continue reading Welcome to my new blog!